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Sunrain Awnings

Sunrain Awnigs

Designed to be architecturally pleasing, with durability and aesthetics in mind, also adding value to your property.Made to protect windows, doors, patios and shop fronts from the weather, Sunrain awnings are available in clear, brown & white. Our polycarbonate awnings have unique solar properties capable of withstanding the harshest elements. . The protective coating also filters out up to 99% ultraviolet rays which help prolong the life of doors, windows, curtains, blinds, carpets and furniture.

Our Clear polycarbonate awnings provide protection from rain, hail and damaging ultraviolet rays, but allows natural light through. Bronze-tinted polycarbonate awnings provide protection from the rain and hail. They allow 50% of the natural light through while blocking ultraviolet rays and 50% of the heat. Our polycarbonate awnings are supported by engineered PVC brackets which are UV-stabilised. Available in various depths, our polycarbonate awnings can be joined together to cover any width.
Rest assured that whatever the weather, Sunrain Awnings are manufactured to high quality specifications and are weather-proof, easy to maintain and sturdy.

Perfect for the DIY enthusiast! if you can use a drill, you can install yourself.
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