• HP4606H Paper Cutting Machine

    Model : HP4606H program paper cutting machine
    Cutting width : 460mm
    Max. cutting thickness :60mm
    Paper pressing style : Motor
    Paper pushing style : Automatic
    Motor power : AC 220V/900W

  • Manual Corner Machine

    HP-CR 01     manual corner machine                                                                         
    ​Corner Cutting Thickness:20mm                                         
    (include R6 and R10)                                                                                
    ​Type of die cut:R3,R4,R6,R8,R10,R13

  • Electric Corner Machine

    HP-CR 02   electric corner machine                                                          Corner Cutting Thickness:8mm                                                                                                                       Type of die cut:R3,R4,R6,R8,R7,R10

  • Electric Creasing Machine

    HP-C 02   electric Creasing machine                                                          
    ​The Max. width of paper:460mm              
    Cutting wheel:1       
    ​Paper round: 1 Creasing wheel:2 Perforating wheel:1

  • Manual Creasing Machine

    HP-C04   manual creasing machine
    Max.Working Width:460mm
    Max.creasing Length:360mm
    Paper thickness: below 50mm

  • Binding Machine

    HP-7588CW BINDING MACHINE                                                                                                                             Two Function: plastic comb bind and double wire bind in one it   
    Bind thickness: 30mm(round plastic comb); 25.4mm(double wire)   
    Max. Bind Width: 300mm   
    Max.punch capacity: 22pages   
    Hole distance of comb bind: 14.3mm,21holes, hole size 3x8mm                                                                             Depth Margin:2.5-6.6mm 
    Hole distance of wire bind: 8.47mm, 34holes, hole size 4x4mm   
    Adjuster of depth margin: 2.5-6.5mm

  • Roller Laminator

    Model:HP480 roller laminator
    Laminating speed:1.1m/min
    Max. laminating width:450mm
    Max. laminating temperature:180 Celsius degree
    Membrane core size:1 inch
    Power consumption:≤800W
    Power:110V/60Hz 、220V/50Hz

  • Sheet Laminator

    HP-320 sheet laminator
    1,Cover materrial:metal
    2,Max.Laminating width:330mm
    3,Min.Laminating speed:560mm/min
    4,Max.Laminating thickness:2mm
    5,Number of rollers:4rollers(roller diameter : 25)
    6 ,Power: 200V/60HZ
    8,Operating temperature:80-180oC
    9,Warming-up time:3-4min
    This model is designed with metal cover,with 4 rollers

  • Full-Automatic Cutting Machine

    Founctional Full-Automatic Cutting Machine                
    Paper size:A3  
    Cutting Times:more than one million 
    Cutting size: A:85*45;85*54;85*95;85*127 
    Max.cutting thickness:30mm
    Paper pressing style:Manual

  • Full-Automatic Cutting Machine

    Founctional Full-Automatic Cutting Machine   
    Paper size:A4  
    Cutting size:A:85*45;85*50;85*95;85*127
    Cutting times:more than one million  
    Max.cutting thickness:30mm
    Paper pressing style:Manual

  • Saddle Stitch

    HP-106   saddle stitch                                                    
    ​Stapling capacity:2-50 sheets(80g),                                                                           Throat depth(flat): 100mm.      Steple request: 66/6, 66/8                                        Attached safely foot-tread switch                                                                                 A single or multiple binders in series synchronous are workable